Jun 3, 2008

Prejudice against the Average

This is my first blog entry and that’s why I will start with a topic that is extremely close to my heart. It’s close to my heart, I feel strongly and I have two opinions about this. I have always heard, read and seen that people become great, successful and recognized because of their deeds and traits and not because of outer beauty. This is one thing that I don’t agree with. Why do people say things when they just can’t follow them and believe in them? Leading by example is just gone out of the window. There is so much of hype over people that are assumed to be good looking and the others are just pushed into a crowd of the ‘undesirables’. The reason most of the people are undesirable is because of people opinion of their outer appearance over which we have little or no control.

I have experienced this personally, every time at work or in social circles I took the efforts to dress well and look good. I was treated differently and when I appeared unkempt, which so easily by the way, the treatment meted out to me was miserable. It’s like… whoa… wait a minute, why am I expected to look like a god damned model? Do you look like a model? Are you perfect? Then why do you have problems with my appearance. Oh the one thing that I always have a hearty laugh over is that the ugliest of people are always commenting on others looks. This attitude is detrimental to individual self esteem. Sometimes those slight harsh words really affect people and lead to personality issues. What is the standard of looking good I ask? How good looking is one supposed to be in order to be treated well. What is normal? There is so much of a lack of positivism in perception; we have already formed an opinion based on the person’s looks before they even say a word or act. The first things we notice about people are their clothes, how badly dressed someone is, how their hairstyle sucks and so on. Very rarely do we think that Oh my! He has such good skin or such beautiful eyes. The first thoughts are always negative. I believe that this is a lot of insecurity and under confidence.

But seriously why do ugly people always find faults with others?? What’s with them making statements like ‘Oh my God you look like you just had an accident’ or ‘what were you thinking before you wore that?’

The main problem is that when someone is ugly, they are ugly and other people accept it and they accept it. When someone’s gorgeous they know and accept and so do others. The problem is when you’re neither, you’re not stunning, you’re not ugly, you’re discriminated because you’re somewhere in between. Sometimes you’re good and sometimes bad. Sometimes there is no time to take care of yourself or your priorities change. Just when my priorities about my appearance changed the discrimination began. What I hate the most is when people say ‘Oh you look er... different this happens when they don’t know what to say. It’s not like other’s opinions matter. But, they give you a fleeting thought and always make you think the other person is a jerk!!

‘If you want to change the world first start at home’ I am going to start with myself. I am now going to make conscious efforts to look at people with a more positive frame of mind and whenever I think negative things I pray that I get the sense to correct them right away. I will work towards conditioning of my mind. I am sure that I will have some hilarious experiences in the process of trying to condition my mind. This is actually much easier for me to do. It’s easy for me to think positively about others. The difficult part is thinking positively about me. The peer pressure is super high and it’s also tough to go against that peer pressure. No matter how confident you feel it always hurts when people say that you’ve put on weight, or you’re looking not so right or something’s with your eye!! Exercising is really good for under confidence and over coming negativity, when you exercise the feel good hormones that are secreted really make you feel like the king of the world J I want these feelings to stay and like any addiction if you’re off exercise you’re miserable.

To conclude, I wish that there was no peer pressure to look better and better. I wish that people accepted you for what you were. I wish there was no prejudice against the good looking and bad looking. I wish that the people closest didn’t voice their useless opinions and just learned to love unconditionally. I wish that I can figure out the secret to a boost of confidence and high self esteem. I wish that I implement what I figure out and lastly I wish that it doesn’t take another 30 years for me to figure out and implement. It sounds to me like I wish for the world, so I also add a short note to God here to help me do my share J

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  1. i realy like da way you think after readin all of your articles. its brings on da self realization groove on....hehe. all you need ...no!!....not need....wat you shud try is addin a bit of colour. i still cant express maself rite....show your self off.....you deserve it...
    cathya l8er.