Jun 3, 2008


The one thing that I’ve noticed growing up is there are more drunks than we can imagine. I used to think that drinking is really cool and that you can do a little bit of it. A little is enough, now I know better. I for one can’t handle my drinks at all. I used to get tipsy on a breezer and that’s crazy because most people say that a breezer is like coca cola! When I started drinking it was fun because the whole room used to spin and I used to forget everything. But then, what’s the point of forgetting your problems when they stare at you in the face. I think of it as an escape. It is an escape. It makes you forget and run from the problems, worries and cares. The acceptability of drinking is very high and mostly everyone we know drinks.

The problem is that the whole concept of social drinking in India is just lost. People don’t drink socially they drink and get high and start getting all worked up. The whole point of drinking is to have a little fun this fun turns nasty and people most of the times drink and start acting weird like saying wrong things and even acting in strange way. The worst is when you don’t drink and you have to see other people drink, I hate parties like this and to this day I don’t understand how this is their idea of fun. Fun in my opinion is sometimes just chilling out at home, with friends, reading a good book or even just sleeping. Man sleeping is really fun J just lying around doing nothing. Nowhere to go, no worries, no time constraints, no headache of getting up early and none of those. Oh you even sometimes feel groggy when you sleep really long. People that drink should try these alternatives and compared to drinking they are not so harmful to health.

I have been totally drunk and seen people drunk and I thought that it was just terrible. So now that I have stayed away from drinks now for over three years it does feel really good. Like you’ve accomplished something worthwhile! The main reason I despise drinking is because you loose total sense and something out of the world controls you. There is of course a high; the best would be if we got high on life just by living it rather than resorting to means like drinks for a high. Sometimes, when I dance to hard or work out too much I get that high. When I get too emotional and stuff I get that high. I wish I was always that high!!

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  1. hey nice post, i hv also gone thru tht phase of my life...