Jun 4, 2008


Sometimes I think, do I really work to facilitate living or do I live to work?? These questions really bother me a lot. I mean it’s good that there is a lot of career advancement and all that. Of course money makes me happy. But, realistically the time I spend working is crazy. I can’t do spur of the moment getaways, I can’t just get up one day and decide to for a movie coz I’m bored, I can’t even plan my dates!! This is bad, see this is why people want to get rich real fast. But then what’s the point of working so hard in these important years of the youth when all you want to do is freak out in this time.

The funny thing is, whenever I have been unemployed I have been really very happy for the first five days or so and then very soon I finish all the money I had. Now there I go, getting lured by the temptations of the world. So after a lot of going back and forth I have come to such a point where I will not take stupid decisions like leaving jobs because the quality of life should be any better. Rather, I have decided that I will make the quality of life better with what I have. It is no good to envy the rich movie stars; all have to work hard in life. This is the lesson that I have learned, the mind mix is that I have to keep reminding my self that there are these have to’s in life and there are these like to’s in life, the key is to balance them. So I guess life brings you to a point where you have to and then to a point where you like to. So right now I am in my have to… and I would say that it’s not that bad!

See I am not even the creative type that I would really want to paint or draw or design or make movies or anything. I just want to do nothing. So I am in a really good shape doing what I have to do and enjoying it. Just when life becomes monotonous you see the silver lining, God has been kind, just hope that he knocks some brains into me very soon!!

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