Jun 5, 2008

Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher is the ultimate hero of all times. He is my dream of an ideal man. He is the main character of the series of books that I have recently started reading. The author is Lee Child. Reacher is 6’5 205 pounds of raw man…. He is a Military Police and is a crime investigator in the army. He’s the toughest a man can get. The most charismatic aspect of Reacher’s personality is that he’s very rooted to the past; he’s actually a very simple man with simple needs and simple desires. I love the fact that with so much of simplicity he can still manage to be very intelligent. He doesn’t know how to use the pen drive; he doesn’t know how to fire new weapons. But, he can kick a man dead!

Jack Reacher is one of the smartest investigators who firmly believes in the concept of right and wrong. He is extremely powerful, lives life on the edge and has a lot of training. He wants to use his skills to teach the bad boys a lesson. My favorite part is when Jack finds the bad guy and then kills him in the most brutal ways with his bare hands. He loves killing the people and he takes immense joy in killing them. His punch line is--- “I will squeeze you to death with my hands, then I will slit your throat just for fun and then I will sleep like a baby for the rest of my life.” He feels that killing the bad guys is like killing roaches!!

Jack Reacher has left the army and is now a wandering vagrant. He has no cards, NO ID, No phone, No address, nothing that anyone can use to track him. He is the most anonymous person in the US. He just moves from cheap hotels to other cheap hotels helping people and solving complex cases and killing bad people. He is great with women and every book finds him wooing the women. He has no ties with his past and truly lives for the moment. Reacher alone in the dark unarmed and dangerous… he walks his way from one city to another… really really cool!! I really wish I could do that and I wish I meet a Jack Reacher someday in life. My fascination with the strong Military Police just doesn’t end.

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  1. i think you are talking about Chuck Norris :).. you can visit this site and write more about Jack Rsearcher http://www.chucknorrisfacts.com/

    posted by Aslam