May 9, 2009

Connected 24/7

I was just wondering how amazing it is that the internet unites us. We take so many things for granted, one of them is having every single one of our contacts haunting us day and night on the internet. Nothing is sacred anymore, everywhere you go, they go with you. You see glimpses of every person’s life without actually being there and similarly they see glimpses of your life without really being there. You update your status on Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, your blog, and everywhere else. If someone wants to find you, all they have to do is click a Goddamn button. Wow, what a feat we have achieved. This shit creeps the hell out of me!

I mean I know that I get to stay connected and close with everyone, you don’t feel lonely and all that jazz. But, wait a minute; are you sailing in the same boat as me? I mean, are you human? If you are you must’ve surely done this, I am not the only mean person in the whole world. There are so many times when you don’t want to talk to people, when you are avoiding people on purpose. You said bye-bye to people in the past and walked out of their lives, you prefer it like that. In my case, I don’t call these people, don’t answer their calls, they don’t have my number – I change it every three months (just in case!). Now, here I am going through such great lengths to avoid some people. I take a different route, I know where they hangout so I don’t visit the same places at the same time. Believe me, I try hard to not bump into them anywhere. If by some weird coincidence I do get a call or something, my ultimate statement is that I am too busy. Don’t be fooled, I really am busy, but we all know that even if we work 14 hours a day, there are those one or two hours that you could squeeze in for someone you really wanted to meet. It has to be someone rrrreaally special for me to give up on precious sleep.

After going through all this I was relaxed and assured that people I didn’t want to meet wouldn’t find me. But, I was sadly mistaken. One day, I’m working peacefully on my blog and suddenly out of nowhere this annoying ‘BUZZ’ sound accompanies a really irritating picture. This is the instant message of someone I left behind like 3 years ago. In my life, 3 years is a very very long time! Let’s name this certain someone – ‘Annoying’. So, Annoying is like – hey, how’re you and where are you and what’s happening and all the hyperactive jazz. My response to this is – okay, I’m here, working and living my ultra boring life. But, I am very happy.  You should’ve been there to see that chat, this person sends me their number, Facebook invite, twitter follow and everything else. Moreover, I was even blamed for avoiding Annoying. Hey, if I knew someone was avoiding me or had a slight hint of that, I would never approach the person. Self respect – Where are you? I know this post sounds extremely mean, but believe me, you will not think so once you know why I was avoiding Annoying.

Now, I’m really freaked out to go online on some of my old accounts, God know who will jump at me and want to get back in touch. I am a firm believer of the life goes on, live in the present, don’t dwell on the past theories. As far as Annoying goes, so far I’ve done a fabulous job and have not ‘bumped into’ Annoying anywhere.


  1. This is why I love my Livejournal. I put all of my entries there and noone will see them unless they have permission to.

    I have like 6 friend requests on Facebook right now with no explanation on why they added me. Creepy.

  2. I totally agree with you about the Livejournal, a very helpful tool. Keep writing and keep a check on all the requests you get. We don't need more creeps than there are already :)

  3. I love your opening paragraph here..way to go..
    you're're right on point with how you say things....people haunt you 24/7 and you're always thinking about that 24/7...some good thoughts and some are bad

  4. Thanks Tony, love the appreciation. Please read more and let me know what you think :)

  5. this is so true. we want to keep in touch/reconnect with some friends (w/o really being there} but at the same time try to forget others. same thing happened to me few weeks ago in Facebook.

    I enjoyed reading your blog and would love to read more. Anyway, I have linked you with my blog.

  6. Hey thanks a lot, please keep reading something new is on it's way!