Apr 27, 2009

Reason for the End of the World - Cynicism

I have been reading a lot of stuff on the internet lately, reading other blogs, articles, profile tags and pretty much everything that has words and can be read. Yes I know, I can be a voracious reader and my appetite for reading along with food can be quite legendary (Chuckle). Well, after reading so much I have some very strong opinions, as usual. At the moment I’m totally tripping on the free expression of thought and all that. I find it extremely entertaining to read different views and opinions without any limitations; people actually show themselves for what they truly are and what they truly feel. This is cool because when we meet people for the first time and ask for their opinions their responses are usually extremely politically correct or diplomatic. This is not fun and not entertaining in any way. I suspect this is the main reason why a lot of first meetings or first impressions are not very memorable. Personally I dislike a lot of people the first time I meet them, I tend to like people only when I start to know them a little better. This is another topic!

Anyhoo… So a lot of these expressions were not particularly engaging for me. They were fun and interesting but not engaging. I have an overly optimistic streak and an idealist that lives within me, when I hear things that don’t tend to go the positive way I run as far as I can from the source of negativity or realism as some people like to call it. We have a huge line of people who are expressing their views about various topics, sadly most of these views I read are on the ‘empty glass side’. Well, the more educated and the more humorous people are they tend to get more and more cynical. There is no true love, all men a dogs, all women are bitches, this country is going nowhere, the government sucks, the environment is polluted, there is too much porn on the internet, why do we care, there are no good people, you can’t get anywhere with honesty, there is no success without politics, life sucks and then you die! Even if the world doesn't have to end, it'll get sick of this shit and just commit suicide! I say GET A LIFE PEOPLE!

I am so bored of hearing words like, ‘I told you so’ when something I try fails. And you absolutely cannot believe the number of things I try and the number of times I fail! It seems to me like everyone is an expert on life with a lot of experience on how everything you are just about to do is surely going to fail. When unfortunately for whatever reason your attempts do fail, people will line up to tell you how they knew what the outcome was going to be. I for one am always told that I am too hopeful about people, life, love, condition of the world, happiness and so on. All the people have gathered in war against anyone who is remotely positive, they call us na├»ve and stupid and blind and the sorts. I get told all the time that one day I will grow up. If this is what growing up will do to me, OH God! I wish I never grow up.

Let us gather today to pay homage to all the great souls who live daily and try very very hard to be positive with life and situations in spite of the all the different kinds of lemons that life throws at them. I hope that we are able to spread cheer and joy without getting cynical with our humor. For all those with the “realistic” point of view, grown up attitude, experience and the likes I humbly request them to keep all their glorified wisdom with themselves, the other 10% of the world really doesn’t need their help.  “Wise men learn from others mistakes while fools learn from their own.” I would rather be a fool and learn from my own life than take advice from losers who can never be happy. 

With all the ridiculous barrage of so called ‘good advice’ thrown at me I am forced to subscribe to motivational quotes, keep looking at people who smile (by now they think I’m a total nutcase because I stare like a mad woman), Get up early to see the sunrise, wear bright colors, keep talking to myself with encouraging thoughts. All this just so that I can smile, the good news is that after all the efforts that go into it, I do smile and that too very wide, hey I never claimed that I was sane anyway! So through this post, I request bloggers to keep the positivity up in their writing and let us smile when we read your work, let us think how great life is and how lucky we are to be living. 


  1. I like the positivity ;) in the post...
    Keep it up...

  2. very powerful.. :)

  3. Yeah that's how most of us feel about advice but sometimes it pays to listen to others. Otherwise we wouldn't ask so many questions.

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    Very good article.

    Moses Isaac

  5. Nice blog, keep up the good work.


  6. After reading this post, i will say that you are growing. What you wrote is true and you realiza these things when you think on such topics. And when you think in this way it means that you are growing. So keep writing and growing. :)