May 2, 2009

Lost Generation of Nostradamus - Found!

There are some truly great people that never see fame, never see limelight, never get recognized for their greatness – people like me, in fact to be more precise ME! ;) No this post is not about me and my greatness, but this is about those people who have all the knowledge in the world, the people who know everything and can totally foresee the future accurately. I am not one of these great people, I can barely see the front door then how would I see the future or make predictions. This is where I fall short in my quest towards greatness.

Nostradamus was not the last one, there are so many of his children everywhere, most of them around me! Nostradamus surely came to India and did you know what with God knows how many…., whatever, let’s not get into what he did with whom. Just because he is a star and long gone it does not mean that we royally invade his very private public life. So, the fact remains that I know a lot of people in 2009 in my humble neighborhood who can very clearly predict the future. They know exactly what is going to happen and when. They are so confident about it, they set the coffee table on fire with their predictions, speculations, assessments, analysis and observations. These certain individuals are extremely well read an well informed, I secretly suspect that they are glued to the 24 hour news channels all day the moment the channel airs something they decide to discuss it first hand on the coffee table before the ignorant masses find out about it. I also suspect that they send spies that follow the journalists to break news to them before the TV people broadcast it.

The ‘R’ word seems to be the ultimate topic of the day, the recession actually happened so that people could get something to talk about. Wow, you cannot believe the things we hear about the recession day in and day out, the latest news was that that exactly 36% of the jobs lost will be gained back in the first half of 2010 and the 28% more jobs lost will be gained in the last quarter of 2010. That is what you call a specific prediction, they don’t just share half hearted information but they actually take the pains to fabricate the specifics so it sounds more real. When I questioned this with some thing I had read, I was told that I am too dumb for words to describe. I am not well informed, not well read and certainly not abreast of all the latest information that makes our lives go round.

You will surely go bald if you wash your hair one more time with the shampoo you’ve been using for the last 10 years, your head will crack if you wear your hair in a tight pony tail, if you laugh so much your teeth will fall out, if you work too much you will grow old soon, if you don’t work you will be doomed to be a loser all your life long, the recession is surely going to affect your life and hit you hard even if you’re the school janitor, if you use so much nail polish your nails will crack and fall apart, you will lose your job tomorrow because you didn’t lick your bosses on this day at this time, you will fight poverty – go and sell the diamond earrings you just spent your entire savings on - this will lead you towards nirvana.

Nice and extremely entertaining, such people are the life of the coffee table, they assume that everyone takes them seriously, when in reality all the truly smart geniuses are LOLing in their heart of hearts and texting on their cell phones. They’re saying WTF! In their minds and the only reason they let this shit go on is because they want more entertainment in their already ultra boring lives. Comment here and share your own special Nostradamus’s with everyone, let’s sock it to the suckers!!

This post is dedicated to AVA..., thanks for the idea you are very inspiring.

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